• RØDE NTH-100

    RØDE NTH-100

    RØDE enters the headphone market with a $150 over-ear dynamic driver headphone that serves as a warmer, more comfortable, better built foil to AKG K371.

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  • CanJam NYC 2022 Coverage

    CanJam NYC 2022 Coverage

    Firstly, hello! I like to go by the name of “Flux” online, and without getting too long-winded in my introduction, I bring to you the first of many reviews I look to post on AAC. This is my second time visiting New York for a CanJam (NYC 2020), although this most recent visit was primarily […]

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  • Abyss 1266 Phi TC

    Abyss 1266 Phi TC

    The Abyss 1266 series has always interested me with its uniqueness. The first time I heard the original 1266 was at a meet, shortly after it was released. I was told the pads need to float but my initial reaction was, “Is this it?” I think the pads floated too much though, as there was […]

  • Moondrop Aria VS Dunu Titan S

    Moondrop Aria VS Dunu Titan S

    On the docket for what is ostensibly a pair of impressions and reviews that became a budget shootout are two IEM that are, of course, within the same price bracket. Both being priced at what I’d generally consider to be an affordable $80 (USD) which puts them within the range of many people new to […]

  • Symphonium Helios

    Symphonium Helios

    I’m not an IEM person in the slightest. While my first real “hi-fi” experience was thanks to a pair of Etymotic ER4P IEMs way back in 2010, I’ve always preferred the experience that a good over-ear headphone can give you, so that’s where I’ve devoted the bulk of my time, attention, and money. Because I’m […]

  • ESLabs ES-1A

    ESLabs ES-1A

    This is the ES Lab ES1a that’s going around /r/headphonelibrary, so huge thanks to /u/Mshenay and Tshiknn for helping organize this! I’ve been interested in trying this to replace my SR-007A and I have a lot of thinking to do. I’m very, very critical of headphones and there are very few that I actually can […]

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